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Des Morrow is the founder of Tonic Healthcare

The team at Tonic Healthcare is made up of skilled wellness professionals who are dedicated to getting our clients back to optimal health.

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Des Morrow


Des has 30 years of experience in Physiotherapy. He started work at Prahran Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne Australia and progressed onto his own clinics. Des spent a short time at the Australian Institute of Sport and has traveled with state and National sports teams. He has worked in six different countries: Australia, England, New Zealand, Brunei, Indonesia and the USA. Des has a Degree in Physiotherapy, and qualified as a Physical Therapist in the USA, he is a certified TAFE Trainer & Assessor, Des holds a First Aid Certification and is a certified Drug & Alcohol tester, he has a diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis & Treatment from the USA, holds a certification in OHS/WHS and has a certification from Harvard University in Improving Global Healthcare. Des worked as a Business Development Manager with InjuryNET Australia, over 8 years helped InjuryNET grow to Australia's largest Occupational pre-employment and injury management group. He was a director at the Australian Spine Institute for 10 years and co-published 6 small books on back pain. Des has been interviewed on national television on the effectiveness of educational booklets on self-managing back pain.


Des has a special interest in back, shoulder and knee pain and injuries as well as improving physical performance through strength, conditioning and nutrition.



  The InjuryNet logo is owned by InjuryNET Australia and is only used here to show companies Des has worked with. Clicking on the logo will take you to the InjuryNET website. 

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