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Tonic Healthcare

Aims to help you achieve greater physical health by: 

  • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Global research on physical health and performance for sports and work.  

  • PROVIDING local, national and international physical health products and services including Physiotherapy. 

  • INVESTING and PARTNERING with health-related companies supplying beneficial products and services. 

  • CONSULTING and EDUCATING on evidence-based physical performance improvement, injury prevention and treatment. 




                                        Innovative physical health  products and services

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Tonic Healthcare Services

A Personal Approach

Tonic Healthcare services sports associations and athletes, medium to large corporations, employees and the general public. We always make sure our clients play an active role in the injury prevention and recovery process. Our goal is for people to remain well and self-managing once treatment ends with new knowledge and skills.

Physical Therapy Session

Continued Care

Putting You First


Treatment & Therapy

Patient-Centered Treatment

Physical Therapist

Assessment & Diagnosis

The Tools You Need

Our Story

Tonic Healthcare has a simple mission:

Help others achieve their physical goals.

Tonic Healthcare founders have been doing this for three decades and in six different countries. 

We help you restore and improve your physical performance and energy through researched techniques, exercise and nutrition. 

Onsite Occupational Health consulting is provided by our work division:

Injury prevention training, work instruction modification, manual handling risk analysis and controls. Onsite consulting for injury treatment and management, return to work programs and claims reviews. Pre-Employment screening, drug and alcohol testing. health & wellbeing.

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Contact Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

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1 Interchange Drive Laverton North Victoria 3026

Phone: 1300 866 427

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